• Executive Coaching Program

    1-on-1 Guided Personal Development

    Everyday Heroes deserve a Personal Coach.

    I help real-life heroes to make plans and change their game.


    Key Aspects of my coaching approach:

    • a series of deep conversations, a confidential dialogue
    • a series of experiments and deliberate practices
    • a peer to peer non judgmental exchange

    active living | autonomy | agile projects


    How I coach:

    - I stay on your side with empathy and understanding

    - I offer a neutral and external point of view.

    - I share constructive feedback, food for thoughts and resources so that you can gain clarity and awareness

    - I question openly your thinking process

    - I help to clarify your vision and simplify your life

    - I keep challenging your assumptions

    - I hold you accountable. free of conflict of interest.

    - I help you to keep track of your evolution

    What is Executive Coaching?

    Coaching Individuals with Potential

    Why for Everyday Heroes​? I do think that everyone has a potential to unlock. I am interested to coach any person feeling stuck, people in transition or aspiring solo-preneurs.


    by Who? an independent with experience, training in Project Management and Consulting. Find out more about me. 


    What For?

    - Gain Self-Awareness and Self-Confidence

    - Clarify Goals and Objectives

    - Improve your Decision-Making Process

    - Unlock your Potential

    - Dream with a Plan

    - Adopt new habits and mindsets

    - Change your Lifestyle / read about Lifestyle Design. 


    When is the right time?

    - Dealing with a difficult situation

    - Transitioning between projects

    - Feeling stuck. Reached a plateau

    - Uncertain time

    - Self-doubt. Loss of self-confidence


    Why Executive Coaching?

    - an opportunity for personal development

    - an investment in yourself

    - a quest for change

    - finding who you want to become


    How does Coaching Work? dialogue, resources and questions to help clarify a situation, your vision, develop a plan and solve problems by yourself.

    4 weeks of Executive Coaching

    1-on-1 Online Coaching Program

    • Self-Knowledge: personality traits, dualities, personal vision board, aspirations... 
    • Self-Awareness: Strengths & Weaknesses assessment, abilities, potential, limitations.  
    • Personal Development Plan: who do you want to become? how to get it? how to get better at it? 
    • Personal Manifesto, Storytelling and Communication Plan: vision, values, content creation and online presence. 
    An Individualised Coaching Program:
    • 100% about YOU, your learning and evolution

    • All conversations are confidential.

    • Safe environment. Constructive Feedback. NO Judgment. NO Sharing. NO Group work

    • NO specific prerequisites. All you need is some time, motivation and attention.

    Includes: 1 hour of weekly video call, email correspondence and education material.

    Requires: 2 hours of personal work each week

    Overall duration: 4 weeks.

    Languages: English or French


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    1to1 COACHING - Select a day and time for a first complimentary session

    1-hour call with Chris

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    Google Meets, WhatsApp
    Present yourself and your situation. Get a feeling of how I work and how a coaching session looks like. So you can determine if it's a good fit. And I can see if I can help you.
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  • Plant-Based Business Development

    Consulting Chef Specialised in Plant-Based Cuisine

    a Pure Player & Independent Chef

    I help entrepreneurs and chefs to design and develop plant-based projects. I conduct opportunity studies. I advise the management team. I take part of the early development of new projects. I develop new lines of product, menus or learning curriculum. I train the development team and the culinary staff.


    Some Projects:
    • Plenty Grocer, EKM6 in Ekamai 6, Bangkok.
    • Blue Lotus Boutique Resort in Hua Hin, Thailand.
    • Plant-Based Cuisine on board! with Apollo Group (Miami) for Oceania and Regent Cruise Lines.
    • Design Juice / Smoothie Bar on Oceania Cruises.
    • Developing Tom Juice’s Bar in St Barthélemy.

    Plant-Based + Project Management

    Applying a Project-Oriented Strategy

    • Project Design, opportunity study, vision, strategy, swot analysis, tactic plan, risks assessment, feasibility.
    • Project Development, hiring a team, setting smart goals, project plan, critical path, viability.
    • Project Management, roadmap, retro-planning, risks management, resources request.
    • Business Coaching, business models, problem solving, cash flow management, sustainability. 
    • Team Coaching, staff training or coaching.
  • Tactical How-To Articles

    Self-development | Lifestyle Design | Personal Project Management

    How-to Design Your Lifestyle?

    Find your Own Path. Try stuff. Live the life you want.

    • What is Lifestyle Design?

    • Step by Step: Three Empowering Questions:

    1. Where are you Now?
    2. What do you Want? Who do you want to Become?
    3. How-to Get it?

    • Draft a Personal Development Plan

    • What's your Next Move?

    • What is a Lifestyle Business?


    Read the article How-to Design Your Lifestyle?

    Draft a personal Manifesto in 3 Steps

    Don't neglect your dreams, write your adventure book

    A manifesto is a letter to yourself, a reminder and a call to live under your terms.


    Start by figuring out who you are. Then question who you think you are. Finally draft your own adventure book, who you want to become.


    Read the full article on "Draft a personal manifesto in 3 Steps".

    How-to manage your time with KANBAN?

    A visual way to manage your tasks and get things done

    Your time is precious. Take good care of him. Forget the busyness. Forget multitasking. Instead do one thing at a time. Focus on getting essential things done in time.


    • Visualize your week and your tasks (BACKLOG)

    • Organize your tasks in columns to visualize your progression

    • Minimize your work in progress (WIP)

    • Limit switching between different types of tasks


    Read "How-to Manage your Time with KANBAN?"

    Mind Mapping to Communicate Ideas

    Map ideas to organize thoughts and communicate a vision​

    • What is Mind Mapping?

    • Mind Mapping to Communicate

    • Keep it Simple

    • How to draw a Mind Map?

    • Mind Mapping Process

    • What do I like about Mind Mapping?


    Read the article "Mind Mapping to Communicate Ideas"

  • Business Coaching

    Project Development | Strategic Positioning | Autonomy & Agility

    How-to develop an Idea into a Viable Project?

    Visualise, Clarify and Simplify a new Business Project

    Enable an Idea by verifying that the project is

    • Desirable

    • Doable

    • Viable and Sustainable


    Conduct a rapid Opportunity Study to decide if you should pause, go for it or exit. Visualise your project just in two pages. Keep your concept in a format that helps to communicate and memorise the key elements of your business project.


    Read the article on How-to Turn an Idea into a Business Project. Listen to our conversation on how-to develop an idea.

    Draft a Project Manifesto

    Share Your Magic, Tell Your Story and Send Your Message


    • Tell your Story

    - People don't know you, so introduce yourself.

    • Send a Message to your Audience

    - How can you help? What is the problem that are you looking to solve?

    • Explain the Why? and How?


    Read the article on "Draft a Project Manifesto".

    Develop a Project Operating System

    Dream with a Plan. Deal with Constraints. Set Simple Rules.


    • Define a set of simple rules to operate your project

    • Use Constraints to drive your Creativity

    • The Art of Seizing fleeting Opportunities

    • Enable your Project


    Read the article on "Develop a Project Operating System".

    Pricing Tactics for Independents

    Focus on Outcomes. Not Hours. Care about your Work.

    • What is an Independent Worker?

    • Alternatives to Hourly Billing

    - Daily or Weekly billing

    - Retainer or Monthly Fixed Fee

    - Project based billing

    - Respect your work, price it accordingly!


    Read the full article on Simple Pricing Tactics for Independents. Listen to our conversation on Pricing Tactics.

  • Mes Livres

    Mode de Vie Dynamique | Jeûne au Quotidien | Cuisine 100% végétale et colorée

    Secrets du Jeûne au Quotidien

    Christophe Berg, aux éditions La Plage

    Cet ouvrage est un « guide pratique » sur le jeûne au quotidien, associé à un mode de vie actif et une alimentation végétale, avec des objectifs précis et faciles à atteindre.


    • Arrêter les régimes amaigrissants

    • Trouver et stabiliser son poids de santé

    • Profiter pleinement d’une vie active

    • Mieux récupérer après l’effort

    • Être au meilleur de sa forme

    • Prendre son bien-être en main


    Une approche simple, sans risque et durable, avec 10 programmes de jeûne sur 7 jours et un plan sur 4 semaines, accompagnés d’une semaine de menus 100 % vegan.


    Voir l'album photos de ce livre ou des extraits sur le site des éditions La Plage.


    Christophe Berg, aux Editions La Plage

    Barres, Boissons et Autres Recettes pour les Sportifs.


    Les Héros du Quotidien méritent de s'alimenter et s'hydrater comme des Athlètes.


    Randonnées, course à pied, VTT, trails, triathlons, marathons… Les amateurs de sports d’endurance trouveront dans cet ouvrage 100 recettes 100 % végétales à faire soi-même pour avant, pendant ou après le sport.

    La page de présentation du livre sur le site des éditions La Plage. Voir l'album photos de ce livre. Ce livre est une nouvelle édition, remise à jour, complétée et enrichie du "Secrets d'Endurance".

    CRU, l'encyclopédie de la Cuisine Crue

    Christophe et Alexis Berg

    Ce livre est une nouvelle édition, remise à jour, complétée et enrichie du "Grand Livre de la Cuisine Crue",sorti en Avril 2014.


    - Les Essentiels: équipement, ingrédients, techniques et recettes de bases pour la cuisine crue ainsi que des conseils pour la découvrir en douceur.

    - Pure & Simple: une cuisine crue, colorée et simple à préparer pour vous accompagner dans la vie de tous les jours.

    - Plus de 250 recettes ainsi que suggestions d'assiettes composées


    La page de présentation du livre sur le site des éditions La Plage. Voir l'album photos de ce livre. Les photos sont prises à La Palma (îles Canaries, Espagne) par le photographe Alexis Berg.

    Livres de Cuisine Végétale

    Aux éditions La Plage, Paris

    Une aventure éditoriale et culinaire, qui a commencé avec la première édition de Secrets d'endurance, il y a près de 10 ans, puis Protéines Vertes, enfin Le Grand Livre de la Cuisine Crue. Mes livres de cuisine sont publiés aux éditions La Plage (Paris). 


    L'album photos du "Grand Livre de la Cuisine Crue", réalisé avec Alexis Berg ou l'album de Secrets d'Endurance. Les autres albums photos de mes livres de cuisine végétale.

  • Christophe Berg @kristofberg

    Executive Coach and Consultant on Plant-Based Projects

    Why Coaching?

    I am coaching to keep learning!

    After several experiences as an entrepreneur, a consultant or an educator, coaching is my favorite practice by constantly challenging me to keep researching, experimenting and adapting. I am an introvert, who gets more energized by a deep conversation than a motivational talk to a big audience.


    How I work: I coach entrepreneurs, chefs and solopreneurs on personal development, self-awareness, lifestyle design and mindsets.


    My Background: I have over 25 years of work experience. I have a Master of Science degree in Project Management. I started my first company, a game agency, in Paris at the age of 26. I have been vegan for the past 17 years. I love to spend time in nature, running on trails and exploring the outdoors. Read about my 45 years of atypical and nomadic life.

    From Blue Lotus to Coaching

    Direction of Education, Consultant on Plant-Based Projects

    I imagined, developed and launched Blue Lotus Hua Hin, the first Learning Center for Plant-Based Cuisine in Thailand.


    Three years of: Hiring + Coaching the Instructor Team • Business Development • Quality Control • Teaching, Coaching students • Project Management + Problem Solving • Storytelling + Online Content Creation • Curriculum Development: Pure Energy, Green Thai Cuisine, Chef's Training, Instructor Training + Business Coaching • Plant-Based Menu Development for the Restaurants + Staff Training


    What I DO now: I am an Executive Coach and a Consultant on Plant-based Projects, based on the island of La Palma. Download my Resume.


    Key Areas of Expertise: Personal Development - Lifestyle Design - Project Strategy- Project Management - Experiences Development - Content Authoring - Online Strategy- Active Living - Plant-Based Cuisine

    My Plant-Based Journey...

    Plant-Based Chef, Instructor and Project Manager

    As an avid-trail-runner, I started 15 years ago to experiment and explore plant-based eating for active people. While running a cooking studio in Haarlem (NL), I wrote more than 10 books on plant-based cuisine and explored the emerging vegan scene in The Netherlands, France, California, Croatia and España...


    I worked as the Executive Chef & Project Manager to launch Yi Athens Raw Vegan Café in Greece, MK Culinary Academy in Thailand and TOM's Juice Bar in St Barth and as a consultant for Apollo Group to develop the plant-based cuisine on board the Oceania and Regent cruise lines.


    I keep promoting Plant Strong Lifestyle for Active People and Plant-Based as a NEW Speciality Cuisine.

    From Games to Project Management

    Developing, Fixing & Training

    I started with hacking games and learning english to develop games. I quickly ended-up working in my twenties as a software developer and a database architect. Thanks to the internet wave on Europe, I became a web project manager, specialized in game design.


    For the past 25 years, I worked as a consultant and project manager, applying agile methods for web development, game design and digital production. I have a Master of Science degree, in Mathematics and Computer Science, with a specialization in Project Management. I taught project management, agile methods and creative design as a guest lecturer for 10 years in France (Master of Video Games), the Netherlands (Utrecht School of Arts) and Singapore (Ngee Ann Polytechnics).

  • Keep Exploring

    Active + Plant Strong | Daily Fasting | Trail-Running in La Palma

  • Catch Me if You Can on Social Media...

    I am mostly active on IG, publish articles on MEDIUM and connect via Linkedin.





  • Discover La Palma

    Explore the trails of La Palma island | Remote Working from La Palma

    Hiking and Trail Running

    Explore La Palma through its volcanic trails

    A Green Oasis for Remote Working?

    Thinking of Working from La Palma in the Canary Islands?

  • Plant-Based Eating and Active Living

    A series of articles on Plant-Based Cuisine Speciality, Pure Energy, Time Restricted Eating...

    Mindful Eating Plan

    Simplify the WHAT (to eat)

    • Be Mindful of the WHEN to eat

    • Don’t worry so much on the HOW-MUCH

    • Care about your recovery

    • It is not a diet that matters… it is your lifestyle


    + a Myth Buster on Superfoods


    Read Mindful Eating Plan made easy.

    Pure & Simple Plant Food, a manifesto

    · Whole plant-based Food

    · You are what you DO daily. It’s not just a diet, it’s a lifestyle…

    · Pure Energy, a Whole Food Plant-Based Diet for Active People

    · Moving Daily over Exercising

    · Physical Activity and Recovery Cycle

    · Micro-Nutrition and Nutrient Density

    · What matters is not only “what” you eat but “when”·


    Read the article "Pure & Simple Plant Food, a manifesto"

    6-Day "Eating Twice a Day" Experiment

    Early Time Restricted Eating put to the test.

    • What is Time Restricted Eating?

    • What is early TRE?

    • How-to plan your 6-day Experiment?

    • Frequent Questions on early TRE


    Read the article 6-Day Eating twice a Day Experiment. Also the inconvenient truth about Time Restricted Eating (is it ok to skip your breakfast?) And What did I learn from 2 years of practicing Time Restricted Eating?

    The Inconvenient truth about TRE

    Is it OK to skip eating breakfast?

    · Why are people more likely to skip breakfast?
    · What is Time Restricted Eating?
    · What is the Circadian Rhythm?

    Time Restricted Eating?

    What did I learn from 3 years practicing TRE?

    · What does TRE mean?

    · Who I am? and what I am doing?

    · Why Fasting? And Why Time Restricted Eating?

    · How I restrict my eating window ?

    · What I appreciate with Time Restricted Eating

    or Intermittent Fasting 16:8


    Read the full article What did I learn from practicing TRE?

    Why do I run almost every morning?

    The Power of a Daily Practice​

    · The Simplicity of Running

    · A Daily Dose of Humility

    · A Morning Dose of Positive Energy

    · Keep a Creative Mindset, Keep on Learning

    · Build-up, slowly but surely

    · Run your Personal Best

    · Diversity is more fun

    · Running Daily? Meaning every single day?

    · Born to Move. How did I start running?


    Read the article Why do I run almost every morning?

    Plant-Based Cuisine, a new Speciality

    Looking at the evolution of plant-based speciality cuisine


    · Times are Changing

    · The food industry got the message pretty quickly…

    · There is still room for a creative answer

    · Why talking about Plant-Based Cuisine and not vegan food?

    · Plant-Based, a new speciality cuisine!

    · Fast Casual is the new chic


    Read "Plant-Based Cuisine, a new Speciality"

    A Tribute to SOUL Plant-Based Cuisine

    Seasonal · Organic · Unique · Local PB Food

    Hey Chefs, Plant-Based Cuisine is the creative opportunity of a lifetime!


    · Plant-Based Food products are on the rise

    · Prepare food in-house and from scratch

    · Cultivate your Style

    · Set your own Rules

    · Start with a Market Challenge


    Read the full article on A Tribute to SOUL Plant-Based Cuisine

    Forget to "DETOX"

    Try a 5-DAYTOX Challenge

    · What does the 5-DAYTOX Challenge mean?

    · WHEN? Plan your Experiment

    · WHAT NOT to eat?

    · Why experimenting?

    · How to do the 5-DAYTOX Challenge?

    · What to Eat: a transition to a plant-based diet

    · How-to , Day by Day Experiment

    · What I appreciate with the 5-DAYTOX CHALLENGE:


    Read the article Forget Detox, try a 5-DayTox Challenge

  • Listen to the Blue Lotus Café Podcast

    Plant-Based Learning Center. Educational Content in 20 minutes lectures. 80 episodes.

    The Blue Lotus Café

    A podcast co-hosted by Christophe Berg & Ivor Madžar

    We started this podcast as I was the director of education and founder of Blue Lotus Hua Hin. Ivor was instructor in plant-based cuisine, nutrition and our social media manager.


    Both passionate about learning & teaching, as we were starting a Plant-Based Cooking Instructor Program, we decided to share what can be useful for our listeners and our students. We selected the topics based on what was the most meaningful, intriguing and fun for us. We kept our conversations, lectures in 20 minutes episodes.


    Our idea was:

    • Exploring our interests

    • Sharing crazy ideas, practical things to experiment & learn

    • Keeping up with the Plant-based world evolution!

    • Talking about self-development & lifestyle design


    Below your can see the 80 topics that we covered by categories.


    Listen to Blue Lotus Café on Apple - Spotify - Google podcasts

    - Anchor.fm, our recording, hosting and distribution platform. We also hosted a weekly live on the Blue Lotus IG channel.

    Listen about Our Podcasting Experience

    The last Episode on the back stages of the Podcast

    • Our Audience

    • Our Manifesto

    • the Podcasting Workflow in details:

    - Pre-Production

    - Recording

    - Post-Production + Sharing on Social Media


    Listen the Blue Lotus Café Podcast on Apple or Spotify.

    Read about Our Podcasting Experience

    Backstage Tour about our Podcasting Flow

    • The Original Idea

    • What is the Blue Lotus Café podcast about?

    • Our Audience

    • Our Manifesto

    • Our Podcasting Workflow: Pre-Production, Recording, Post-Production


    • What I like about Podcasting?

    • What I enjoy about the Experience?

    • Some of the most popular episodes of the podcast


    Read the article "Our Experience of Podcasting" on MEDIUM

    Plant-Based Opportunities

    The Future is plant-based!

    • Future of Vegan Junk Food

    • Future of Dining

    • Future of Catering

    • Food Costing as a Chef

    • Opening a Cooking Studio

    • Trends 2020

    • Cooking Workshop Development

    • Recipe Development

    • Becoming a Chef

    • Evaluating Food Costs

    • Vegan Gold Rush

    • Opportunities beyond a plant-based café


    Listen the Blue Lotus Café Podcast on Apple or Spotify... You can check the follow-up conversations on IG TV Channel.

    Self Management

    Project Management Tools & Methods made easy

    • Self-Management

    • Backlog

    • Exit Rule

    • Profit & Loss

    • Essentialism, Explore, Execute & Eliminate

    • Financial Independence

    • Time Management techniques

    • Attention Management

    • Deal with Change

    • Mind Mapping

    • What is Enough?

    • Bootstrapping your Project

    • Resilience with John Fisher

    • Positive Cash Flow Model



    Listen the Blue Lotus Café Podcast on Apple or Spotify... You can check the follow-up conversations on IG TV Channel.

    How-to become an Independent Knowledge Worker?

    Freely inspired by "How to get Rich?" Naval Ravikant

    • Find your Niche, develop a Specific Knowledge?

    • Avoid renting your time. Create Wealth from Assets

    • Create leverage. Make one time + Sell X times

    Listen this episode on Apple, Spotify or Google podcasts


    Question: are you an independent or an entrepreneur

    Insights for Independent Knowledge Worker

    Follow-up to "How-to Become an Independent Worker?"

    • Earn with your Mind, not with your Time

    • You are never going to get rich by renting your time

    • Get Paid for your Judgment

    • Set a High personal Hourly Rate

    • Business Networking is a waste of time

    • Learn to MAKE, to SELL

    • Play iterated long-term game

    • Cooperate with honest people


    Listen the Blue Lotus Café Podcast on Apple or Spotify.


    Learning, Personal Branding & Lifestyle Design

    Select ideas as a multi-passionate / polymath 

    Find Your Crew 

    • Develop your Audience

    • First Principles

    • Fixed vs Growth Mindset

    • Personal Branding

    • Autodidact

    • Show Your Work, the book

    • Steal like An Artists, the book

    • Four Agreements, the book

    • Coaching, Mentoring

    • Teaching, Training

    • Self-Knowledge

    • Cultivating Mindsets

    • Set your Price as a Freelancer

    • Teaching & Training

    • Learning How-to Learn

    • Autodidact

    • Becoming a Teacher

    • Storytelling

    • Creating Content

    • 6 Communication Tactics

    • Creativity by Constraints

    • Sabbatical Project

    • Write Your Manifesto

    • Stoicism

    • IKIGAI

    • Dopamine Fast



    Listen the Blue Lotus Café Podcast on Apple or Spotify... You can check the follow-up conversations on IG TV Channel.

    Plant-Based Cuisine

    + Active Living

    • Plant-Based Speciality Cuisine

    • SOUL Plant Food

    • Pure & Simple WFPB lifestyle

    • Time Restricted Eating

    • Water Fasting

    • 5-DAYTOX Challenge

    • Fit after 40

    • Hydration

    • Blue Zones, the Book

    • Zen Cuisine

    • Green Thai Cuisine

    • Water Fasting

    • Active Resort

    • Acute vs Chronic Stress

    • Sleeping Habits

    Listen the Blue Lotus Café Podcast on Apple or Spotify... You can check the follow-up conversations on IG TV Channel.

    Circadian Rhythm

    Synchronize your Lifestyle with your Internal Clocks

    • What is the Circadian Rhythm?

    • Look-up on the 24-hour Cycle, hour by hour 

    • The effects of cycle

    • How to synchronize with your internal clocks

    - eating habits

    - physical activities

    - rest and sleep


    Listen this episode on the Circadian Rhythm on Apple or Spotify.

    Immune System

    How works the Immune System? How to Boost it?


    • What is the Immune System?

    • How it works?

    • What strengthen the Immune System?

    • Can you boost your Immune System?

    • What to do / eat for a stronger Immune System?

    Listen the Blue Lotus Café on Apple podcast or Spotify.

    Healthy Microbiome

    Trust your Gut!

    • What's the Microbiome?

    • What can you eat for a healthier microbiome?

    • What's the difference between probiotics and prebiotics?

    • What can you do for a healthier gut flora?

    • What can reveal a microbiome analysis?

    • How the microbiome can support your Immune System?

    Listen the episode on Apple podcast or Spotify.