• Plant-Based Projects Development

    Wellness Chef, Consultant on Plant-Based Projects

    a Pure Player & Independent Consultant

    I help entrepreneurs and chefs to design and develop plant-based projects. I conduct opportunity studies. I advise the management team. I take part of the early development of new projects. I develop new lines of product, new menus or learning curriculum. I train the development team and the culinary staff.


    Some Projects:

    • Mindful Nutrition, MSC Cruises Explora Journeys
    • Plenty Grocer, EKM6 in Ekamai 6, Bangkok.
    • Blue Lotus Learning Center in Hua Hin, Thailand.
    • Plant-Based Cuisine on board! Oceania & Regent Cruises
    • Design Juice / Smoothie Bar on Oceania Cruises.
    • Developing Tom Juice’s Bar in St Barthélemy.

    Plant-Based + Project Management

    Applying a Project-Oriented Strategy

    • Project Design, opportunity study, vision, strategy, swot analysis, tactic plan, risks assessment, feasibility.
    • Project Development, hiring a team, setting smart goals, project plan, critical path, viability.
    • Project Management, roadmap, retro-planning, risks management, resources request.
    • Business Coaching, business models, problem solving, cash flow management, sustainability. 
    • Team Coaching, staff training or coaching.
  • Executive Coaching Program

    1-on-1 Guided Personal Development

    Everyday Heroes deserve a Personal Coach.

    I help real-life heroes to dream with a plan and change their game.


    Key Aspects of my coaching approach:

    • a series of deep conversations, a confidential dialogue
    • a series of experiments and deliberate practices
    • a peer to peer non judgmental exchange

    active living | autonomy | agile projects


    How I coach:

    - I stay on your side with empathy and understanding

    - I offer a neutral and external point of view.

    - I share constructive feedback, food for thoughts and resources so that you can gain clarity and awareness

    - I question openly your thinking process

    - I help to clarify your vision and simplify your life

    - I keep challenging your assumptions

    - I hold you accountable. free of conflict of interest.

    - I help you to keep track of your evolution

    What is Executive Coaching?

    Coaching Individuals with Potential

    Why for Everyday Heroes​? I do think that everyone has a potential to unlock. I am interested to coach any person feeling stuck, people in transition or aspiring solo-preneurs.


    by Who? an independent with experience, training in Project Management and Consulting. Find out more about me. 


    What For?

    - Gain Self-Awareness and Self-Confidence

    - Clarify Goals and Objectives

    - Improve your Decision-Making Process

    - Unlock your Potential

    - Dream with a Plan

    - Adopt new habits and mindsets

    - Change your Lifestyle / > Lifestyle Design. 

    - Mental Preparation and Training / > One-on-One Sparring


    When is the right time?

    - Dealing with a difficult situation

    - Transitioning between projects

    - Feeling stuck. Reached a plateau

    - Uncertain time

    - Self-doubt. Loss of self-confidence


    Why Executive Coaching?

    - an opportunity for personal development

    - an investment in yourself

    - a quest for change

    - finding who you want to become


    How does Coaching Work? dialogue, resources and questions to help clarify a situation, your vision, develop a plan and solve problems by yourself.

    4 weeks of Executive Coaching

    1-on-1 Online Coaching Program

    • Self-Knowledge: personality traits, dualities, personal vision board, aspirations... 
    • Self-Awareness: Strengths & Weaknesses assessment, abilities, potential, limitations.  
    • Personal Development Plan: who do you want to become? how to get it? how to get better at it? 
    • Personal Manifesto, Storytelling and Communication Plan: vision, values, content creation and online presence. 
    An Individualised Coaching Program:
    • 100% about YOU, your learning and evolution

    • All conversations are confidential.

    • Safe environment. Constructive Feedback. NO Judgment. NO Sharing. NO Group work

    • NO specific prerequisites. All you need is some time, motivation and attention.

    Includes: 1 hour of weekly video call, email correspondence and education material.

    Requires: 2 hours of personal work each week

    Overall duration: 4 weeks.

    Languages: English or French


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  • Schedule an Exploratory Call

    Consulting / Coaching - Pick a slot for a complimentary call

    1-hour call with Chris

    1-hour call with Chris

    Google Meets, WhatsApp
    Let's talk. Introduce yourself and explain your situation. You will experience how I work and coach. You can then determine if there is a good fit. I will see if I can help you, how and when.
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  • Tactical How-To Articles

    Self-development | Lifestyle Design | Personal Project Management

    Change by Adopting new Habits in 5 Steps

    Each Action is a Vote for The Type of Lifestyle you Want. ​

    1. Know Where You Start
    2. Find What You Want to Change
    3. Prioritise and Replace
    4. Fine tune Your Environment
    5. Master the Startline

    Daily Habits are a Simple yet Powerful Way to Start Changing your Lifestyle. Read the full article on the power of Daily Habits. 


    How-to Design Your Lifestyle?

    Find your Own Path. Try stuff. Live the life you want.

    • What is Lifestyle Design?

    • Step by Step: Three Empowering Questions:

    1. Where are you Now?
    2. What do you Want? Who do you want to Become?
    3. How-to Get it?

    • Draft a Personal Development Plan

    • What's your Next Move?

    • What is a Lifestyle Business?


    Read the article How-to Design Your Lifestyle?

    Draft a personal Manifesto in 3 Steps

    Don't neglect your dreams, write your adventure book

    A manifesto is a letter to yourself, a reminder and a call to live under your terms.


    Start by figuring out who you are. Then question who you think you are. Finally draft your own adventure book, who you want to become.


    Read the full article on "Draft a personal manifesto in 3 Steps".

    How-to manage your time with KANBAN?

    A visual way to manage your tasks and get things done

    Your time is precious. Take good care of him. Forget the busyness. Forget multitasking. Instead do one thing at a time. Focus on getting essential things done in time.


    • Visualize your week and your tasks (BACKLOG)

    • Organize your tasks in columns to visualize your progression

    • Minimize your work in progress (WIP)

    • Limit switching between different types of tasks


    Read "How-to Manage your Time with KANBAN?"

    Mind Mapping to Communicate Ideas

    Map ideas to organize thoughts and communicate a vision​

    • What is Mind Mapping?

    • Mind Mapping to Communicate

    • Keep it Simple

    • How to draw a Mind Map?

    • Mind Mapping Process

    • What do I like about Mind Mapping?


    Read the article "Mind Mapping to Communicate Ideas"

  • Business Coaching

    Project Development | Strategic Positioning | Autonomy & Agility

    How-to develop an Idea into a Viable Project?

    Visualise, Clarify and Simplify a new Business Project

    Enable an Idea by verifying that the project is

    • Desirable

    • Doable

    • Viable and Sustainable


    Conduct a rapid Opportunity Study to decide if you should pause, go for it or exit. Visualise your project just in two pages. Keep your concept in a format that helps to communicate and memorise the key elements of your business project.


    Read the article on How-to Turn an Idea into a Business Project. Listen to our conversation on how-to develop an idea.

    Draft a Project Manifesto

    Share Your Magic, Tell Your Story and Send Your Message


    • Tell your Story

    - People don't know you, so introduce yourself.

    • Send a Message to your Audience

    - How can you help? What is the problem that are you looking to solve?

    • Explain the Why? and How?


    Read the article on "Draft a Project Manifesto".

    Develop a Project Operating System

    Dream with a Plan. Deal with Constraints. Set Simple Rules.


    • Define a set of simple rules to operate your project

    • Use Constraints to drive your Creativity

    • The Art of Seizing fleeting Opportunities

    • Enable your Project


    Read the article on "Develop a Project Operating System".

    Pricing Tactics for Independents

    Focus on Outcomes. Not Hours. Care about your Work.

    • What is an Independent Worker?

    • Alternatives to Hourly Billing

    - Daily or Weekly billing

    - Retainer or Monthly Fixed Fee

    - Project based billing

    - Respect your work, price it accordingly!


    Read the full article on Simple Pricing Tactics for Independents. Listen to our conversation on Pricing Tactics.