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    Project Coaching Online Program

    Training & Coaching by Christophe Berg

    Independent worker? Solo-preneur? Coach? Private Chef? Cooking Studio? Plant-Based Project? Niche Catering? Retreat Wellness Cook? Owner/Founder of a small Plant-based Business? Vegan Café?


    Learn, experiment and apply Project Management methods and the KAIZEN approach to visualize, develop and evaluate your sustainable project.


    Define your concept, goal and mission, brainstorm on solutions, map-out your concept, think of alternate business models, understand key success factors...


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    Modular Training Content

    The lectures / training can include:

    • Self-knowledge, Mindsets + Self-awareness, personal Strengths & Weaknesses. Manifesto

    • Key concepts, experiment good practices and techniques to organize your project.

    • Case Study of a Vegan Café or a Cooking Studio.

    • Project Management methods (personal KAIZEN, SMART GOAL, Impact/Effort Matrix…) applied to small scale projects and solo-entrepreneurship.

    • Time management with Personal KANBAN (& using Trello).

    • Overview on essential tools and concepts to define your planning, budget, cash flow, P&L, food costs, setup and recurring costs… Business Assumptions, Survival Budget, Reverse Business Plan.


    1to1 Coaching Sessions

    + Personal Work

    Each session is an opportunity to question your motivations, aspirations, your concept, get another perspective to see things from a different angle and figure-out what could be your next moves.


    • Map-out your concept, visualize and clarify your aspirations, vision and values.

    • Define your main target audience, scope the project (What, Who, Where, When, Why, How)

    • Visualize the challenge to tackle, assess the risks, convert issues, gaps into opportunities. Stress your idea to strengthen your project.

    • Outline a Tactic and an Action Plans (Project backlog, tasks breakdown, exit rules, resources management, minimal viable product…)

    • Outline a Communication Plan (storytelling, core values, online presence, crowdfunding… )

    • Outline your Project Map, your Manifesto and a short presentation to pitch your Concept.

    + Personal Work for assignments, researches and to investigate, sketch, develop your concept. The idea, by the end, to visualize your concept, to clarify your directions and objectives, to set SMART goals and outline a realistic roadmap.


    At the end, you will present/pitch your project, so I can give a constructive feedback. We can then debrief on the whole cycle. Follow-up possible if needed.

    Project based Coaching

    Customized and Personalized Program

    I customize each time the whole program to the skills, experience of the client and his project (ie you need to pick one before starting!).


    Languages: English or French

    Duration: 1 week or 4 weeks

    Hours: 10 hours x5 2H 1to1 Coaching Sessions on Skype + 12 hours of Personal Work.


    Number of trainees: 1 or 2 (same project)

    Available: year round. Starting date will be defined after your booking is confirmed.


    Send a request (online form).

  • The Blue Lotus Café Podcast

    a series of conversations with Ivor Madžar on plant-based cuisine, active lifestyle, self-development, business coaching and some news from the bubbling vegan world...

    A new Episode every Wednesday!

    Available on any Podcasting platforms (Apple, Spotify...)

    • Plant-Based Speciality Cuisine

    • SOUL Plant Food

    • Pure & Simple WFPB lifestyle

    • Time Restricted Eating

    • Fit After 40

    • 5-DAYTOX Challenge

    • Hydration

    • Blue Zones


    • Self-Knowledge

    • Cultivating Mindsets

    • Instructor Mindset

    • Artisan Mindset

    • Write Your Manifesto

    • Stoicism

    • 4 Agreements, book

    • Essentialism, book

    • IKIGAI


    • Personal KAIZEN

    • Personal KANBAN

    • Organic Growth on Instagram


    • Opening a Cooking Studio

    • Set your Price as a Freelancer
    • Food Costing as a Chef

    • The Vegan Gold Rush

    • Business Opportunities beyond opening a Café

    • Why Positive Cash Flow Model?


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  • Articles and cooking books

    I follow my curiosity on Project Coaching, Kaizen, Kanban and Project Management insights, Plant-based Cuisine, Nomadic life and Lifestyle Design.

    Trail-Running, La Palma...

    I live and love the Isla Bonita lost somewhere in the Atlantic ocean

    Livres de Cuisine

    100% végétale et sans gluten

    Cette belle aventure a commencé avec Secrets d'endurance, il y a près de 6 ans, puis Protéines Vertes, enfin plus récemment Le Grand Livre de la Cuisine Crue. Ces livres sont publiés aux éditions La Plage (Paris).


    Je souhaite poursuivre l'aventure et continuer à explorer les thèmes autour d'un style de vie actif, d'une cuisine 100% végétale, pure et simple, colorée et créative.


    N'hésitez pas à me contacter pour des projets d'éditions.

  • Keep Exploring

    Nomadic Life & the Tao of the Plagist...

  • Catch Me if You Can on Social Media...

    I am mostly active on IG, publish articles on MEDIUM and connect via Linkedin.





  • Christophe Berg

    Project Coach • Simplifier, Planner & Fixer

    From Hacking Games to Project Management

    and eventually Training & Teaching...

    Very early I got attracted if not fascinated by computers and went from hacking video games and learning english along the way to start working in my twenties as software developer and database architect. As the internet wave hit Europe, I quickly became web project manager and game designer.


    For the past 20 years, I worked as a freelance project manager and consultant using agile methods for web development, game design and digital production. I have a Master of Science degree, in Mathematics and Computer Science, with a specialization in Project Management. I have been teaching project management, agile methods and creative design as a guest lecturer for 10 years in France (Master of Video Games), the Netherlands (Utrecht School of Arts) and Singapore (Ngee Ann Polytechnics).

    from Plant-Based Lifestyle to Consulting

    As an avid-trail-runner, I started by experimenting plant-based food for active people. While running a cooking studio in Haarlem, I wrote 12 books on plant-based cuisine and explored the emerging vegan scene in The Netherlands, France, California, Croatia and España...


    I promote Plant-based lifestyle for active people and Plant-Based as a NEW Speciality Cuisine.


    I worked as Executive Chef & Project Manager to launch Yi Athens Raw Vegan Café in Greece, MK Culinary Academy in Thailand and TOM's Juice Bar in St Barth and as a consultant for Apollo Group to develop plant-based cuisine on board of Oceania and Regent Cruises

    From Director of Education to Project Coaching

    3 years ago, I imagined, developed and launched BLUE LOTUS Hua Hin, the 1st Learning Center for Plant-Based Cuisine in Asia (located in the Evason resort in Thailand).


    As the director of Education, it means (in no particular order): Project Management • Hiring & Coaching the Instructor Team • Business Development • Quality Control • Communication Plan • Teaching & Coaching • Problem Solving • Curriculum Development: Pure Energy, Green Thai Cuisine, Chef's Training, Instructor Training + Business Coaching.


    Today I do Project Coaching for passionate people by helping to develop their crazy ideas into sustainable projects. (I am not a Life Coach, I only coach people on a project).


    «It’s not enough "to be plant-based". On top of your talent, hard-work and enduring motivation, you need some essential management skills and business understanding in order to develop an economically viable project.» ... I am here to help.

  • early Time-Restricted Eating

    Questioning more WHEN you are eating and less WHAT

    Time Restricted Eating? or T.R.E.

    a form of intermittent fasting

    also known as "16:8" for 16 hours of fasting and 8 hours of eating window.


    Stop counting calories to simply count the hours.


    The idea is to ask yourself « when » to eat more than « what » to eat.


    Easy Start: Eat within a 10-hour window and fast the remaining 14 hours (including 8-hour night).

    Circadian Rhythm?


    The idea behind TRE is related to the research on the circadian rhythm (24h solar cycle) and how it affects the body’s metabolism, thermoregulation, hormonal cycles and immune system...


    Satchin Panda from the Salk Institute explains that « humans’ circadian rhythm is not designed for a world with 24–7 access to food. If you’re eating all the time, it messes up that pattern. » @SatchinPanda



    « Instead of focusing so much on what we eat, we should pay more attention to when we eat »... « We evolved to consume food according to the 24-hour solar cycle.


    For humans, this rhythm involves eating during the day and sleeping after sunset. »