• Plant-Based Project Development

    Wellness Chef | Consultant on Plant-Based Projects

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    a Consulting Chef & Pure Player

    Wellness Projects and Plant-Based Cuisine

    I help entrepreneurs, chefs to design and develop plant-based projects by conducting preliminary studies or initiating the early developments. I conduct RnD workshops to develop new healthy recipes, menus, products or learning curriculum. I train/coach in healthy cuisine the development team and the culinary staff.


    Some Projects:

    • Design of Mindful Nutrition, MSC Cruises Explora Journeys
    • Design of Plenty Grocer, EKM6 in Ekamai 6, Bangkok.
    • Launch of Blue Lotus Learning Center in Hua Hin, Thailand.
    • Plant-Based Cuisine on board! Oceania & Regent Cruises
    • Design of the Juice / Smoothie Bar on Oceania Cruises.
    • Design & Development of Tom Juice’s Bar in St Barthélemy.

    Read my Wellness Consultant Resume

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    Plant-Based Projects | Wellness Experiences

    Applying a Project-Oriented Strategy

    • Project Design, opportunity study, vision, strategy, swot analysis, tactic plan, risks assessment, desirability
    • RnD Workshops, brainstorm, design, proof of concept
    • Project Development, setting smart goals, project plan, critical path, feasibility & viability.
    • Project Management, roadmap, retro-planning, risks management, resources request, project plan.
    • Business Coaching, business models, problem solving, cash flow management, sustainability.
    • Team Coaching, coacing, training for staff.

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  • Daily Fasting + Active Living to Stay fit after 40

    Articles on Daily Fasting, Time Restricted Eating and Intermittent Fasting

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    Eating Two Meals a Day and Endurance Training

    Running and Eating Twice Daily to Stay Fit After 40

    - Running and Fasting to Stay Fit after 40?

    - How? Self-Defined Simple Rules

    - Flexibility is key for Consistency

    - To Run after 40, Train Smarter not Harder!

    - Training Plan for Half Marathon, Short Trails 20–30K

    - Keep Experimenting to keep Learning

    - What I Appreciate About Eating Twice a Day


    Read the full article on Eating Two Meals a Day

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    Why Daily Fasting, not Intermittent Fasting?

    Daily Fasting to describe a Short Duration Fast

    • Why NOT Intermittent Fasting?

    • Daily Fasting

    • Time to Rest and Recover

    • My Daily Fasting habits

    • Most Common Terms around Fasting


    Read Why Daily Fasting and NOT Intermittent Fasting?

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    6-DAY BREAK-FAST Experiment

    Eating Once a Day After My Morning Run

    · BREAK-FAST, What?

    · Why?

    · Self-Defined Constraints

    · Planning the 6-DAY Experiment

    · How it went?

    · Hungry?

    · Running Daily? > Why do I run almost every morning?


    Read the article 6-Day Break-Fast Experiment

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    6-Day "Eating Twice a Day" Experiment

    Early Time Restricted Eating put to the test.

    • What is Time Restricted Eating?

    • What is early TRE?

    • How-to plan your 6-day Experiment?

    • Frequent Questions on early TRE


    Read the article 6-Day Eating twice a Day Experiment. 

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    The Inconvenient truth about TRE

    Is it OK to skip eating breakfast?

    · Why are people more likely to skip breakfast?
    · What is Time Restricted Eating?
    · What is the Circadian Rhythm?
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    Time Restricted Eating?

    What did I learn from 3 years practicing TRE?

    · What does TRE mean?

    · Who I am? and what I am doing?

    · Why Fasting? And Why Time Restricted Eating?

    · How I restrict my eating window ?

    · What I appreciate with Time Restricted Eating

    or Intermittent Fasting 16:8


    Read the full article What did I learn from practicing TRE?

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    Secrets du Jeûne au Quotidien

    Principes, Bienfaits et Programmes Personnalisés

    Cet ouvrage est un « guide pratique » sur le jeûne au quotidien, associé à un mode de vie actif et une alimentation végétale, avec des objectifs précis et faciles à atteindre.


    • Arrêter les régimes amaigrissants

    • Trouver et stabiliser son poids de santé

    • Profiter pleinement d’une vie active

    • Mieux récupérer après l’effort

    • Être au meilleur de sa forme

    • Prendre son bien-être en main


    Une approche simple, sans risque et durable, avec 10 programmes de jeûne sur 7 jours et un plan sur 4 semaines, accompagnés d’une semaine de menus 100 % vegan.


    Auteur : Christophe Berg. Éditeur: les éditions La Plage. Voir l'album photos ou des extraits sur le site des éditions La Plage.

  • Plant-Based Eating

    Articles on Whole Food Plant-Based Eating and Active Living

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    Mindful Eating Plan

    Simplify the WHAT (to eat)

    • Be Mindful of the WHEN to eat

    • Don’t worry so much on the HOW-MUCH

    • Care about your recovery

    • It is not a diet that matters… it is your lifestyle


    + a Myth Buster on Superfoods


    Read Mindful Eating Plan made easy.

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    Pure & Simple Plant Food, a manifesto

    · Whole plant-based Food

    · You are what you DO daily. It’s not just a diet, it’s a lifestyle…

    · Pure Energy, a Whole Food Plant-Based Diet for Active People

    · Moving Daily over Exercising

    · Physical Activity and Recovery Cycle

    · Micro-Nutrition and Nutrient Density

    · What matters is not only “what” you eat but “when”·


    Read the article "Pure & Simple Plant Food, a manifesto"

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    Forget to "DETOX"

    Try a 5-DAY Reset Experience

    · What does a 5-DAY Reset Experience mean?

    · WHEN? Planing your Experience

    · WHAT NOT to eat?

    · Why Experimenting?

    · How to do the 5-DAY Reset Experience?

    · What and When to Eat, transition to whole food plant-based

    · Day by Day Reset Experience

    · What I appreciate with the 5-DAY Reset Experience


    Read the article Forget to Detox, Try a 5-Day Reset Experience

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    Plant-Based Cuisine, a new Speciality

    Looking at the evolution of plant-based speciality cuisine


    · Times are Changing

    · The food industry got the message pretty quickly…

    · There is still room for a creative answer

    · Why talking about Plant-Based Cuisine and not vegan food?

    · Plant-Based, a new speciality cuisine!

    · Fast Casual is the new chic


    Read "Plant-Based Cuisine, a new Speciality"

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    A Tribute to SOUL Plant-Based Cuisine

    Seasonal · Organic · Unique · Local PB Food

    Hey Chefs, Plant-Based Cuisine is the creative opportunity of a lifetime!


    · Plant-Based Food products are on the rise

    · Prepare food in-house and from scratch

    · Cultivate your Style

    · Set your own Rules

    · Start with a Market Challenge


    Read the full article on A Tribute to SOUL Plant-Based Cuisine

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    Why do I run almost every morning?

    The Power of a Daily Practice​

    · The Simplicity of Running

    · A Daily Dose of Humility

    · A Morning Dose of Positive Energy

    · Keep a Creative Mindset, Keep on Learning

    · Build-up, slowly but surely

    · Run your Personal Best

    · Diversity is more fun

    · Running Daily? Meaning every single day?

    · Born to Move. How did I start running?


    Read the article Why do I run almost every morning?